Amy infused a fresh breath of creativity into jewellery designs, with its unique designs inspired by traditional and ethnic art forms. Amy’s designs are inspired from the structural designs of art forms like Kathakali, but they imbibe the inherent energy from these art forms. In that sense, Amy’s designs carry the soul of Indian ethnicity in their core. Amy has now flourished. From a single unit workshop, it is now a conglomerate of units like Amy Jewellery Designers, Amy Exports and Imports, Amy Gold and Diamond LLC and Amy Design Institute.

Amy is now reaching out to wider horizon spread across the globe, but has got its foot firmly planted in the soil. Amy is a movement, like nothing else. It all began with the vision of one person – Sachu T. Russak. He was determined to change the rules of the game, and he did it with panache. In simpler terms, he revolutionized the art of jewellery designs and manufacturing methodologies in jewellery industry.