Chief Managing Director

As a student, Sachu Russak excelled in all fields he took up. As a technocrat, he fulfilled all the assignments that came his way with a touch of class. But as an entrepreneur he had the unique vision toredefine the contours of industry. Sachu Russak completed his graduation in engineering from Rajagiri College of Engineering in flying colours. His basic training was in Applied Electronics, but he was destined to apply his vision elsewhere. His passion for the new and latest took Sachu to the University of Wales, London. By the time he left London, he was armed with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Sachu has seen the world and thus ready to spread his wings. He realised that education is just the beginning. It is just the launching pad. The target is up there in the horizon. Unlike other young entrepreneurs, Sachu was not content with joining the bandwagon and be just another player. He has to create his path and do it in his way. Amy Jewellers is the result of this persistent and focused vision of Sachu. Amy was born out of Sachu Russak’s obsession to keep innovating. This is how, Sachu started his story.